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Being Prepared for the Date: Dating Checklist

Leave plenty of time to get ready.

Here is the list of things you should be trying to fit into this time:

Leading Up to the Date Checklist

  • Make sure you known WHERE the dating destination is.

  • Make sure you know HOW you are going to get to the date.

  • If you are picking up your date, make sure you know where they live and how to get there.

  • Verify that you know the TIME of the date. Double check this, you should have written it down somewhere when it was first organised. You did do that didn’t you? If not, you should re-read what you should have done when getting the date.

  • Clothing

    • Consider where your dating destination will be and get an outfit that is appropriate. You don’t want to under or OVER dress. This would make both you and your date uncomfortable.
    • Make sure it is clean and properly prepared… which probably means you should at least iron it (unless it is meant to look like it is not ironed!).
    • Take into consideration how long you may be wearing something and how comfortable it will be.
  • Food

    • Be considerate of your dates meal preferences or allergies.
  • If this is a first date… and particularly if it is a blind date, it is always a good idea to tell a friend where you are going and what you are doing.

Okay on the home stretch. By now you have carried out the steps outlined in part 1.

We are now closer to the time of the date… but not TOO close, make sure you have time for the following:

Directly Before the Date Checklist

  • Have a shower. Make sure to wash your body multiple times… with some kind of soap, please!
  • Apply deodorant and whatever other smelly products you feel you need straight after your shower so as not to waste their powers. Just don’t go too overboard or you might notice your parter for the evening gagging.
  • Brush your teeth so you can impress your date with a great smile.
  • Mouthwash is also a good option to make sure you have a pleasant fresh breath.
  • Pack some strong flavour gum. This is particular important if you are going to a dinner that may involve some kind of strong aromatic foods, eg onions, garlic etc. Be sure to have enough to offer your date so as not to be rude and for you own benefit ;).
  • Having a toothpick on you may also save you from some prospective grief with a meal that doesn’t all want to go down. Cover your mouth when using a toothpick, people may not find your tonsils particularly appealing.
  • Take the appropriate protection! Yes, I am talking about the sex variety

Before Heading in Checklist

  • Consider what you want to do with your mobile phone. Do you want to answer it during your date? Unless your alter ego is a superhero or something, consider making your phone silent.
  • Final clothing, hair and other adjustments.
  • Try relax, be confident, always be yourself and have fun!