Free dating advice and tips

Date Ideas

Here are some dating ideas to get you started.


  • Coffee at a cafe - Great for first dates

  • Breakfast at a diner

  • Lunch

  • Dinner - Be it romantic, cooking together or something a bit crazier involving chocolate or your other favorite desert. Fondue?

  • Getting ice cream together

  • Picnic

Outside/Sport Dating Ideas

If you are going to participate in something competitive, always remember not to be upset if you lose. A bad loser is a turn off! A bit of light hearted teasing is okay if you can pull it off.

  • Miniature golf

  • Bike riding - Mountain biking

  • Amusement parks

  • Visit local parks or botanic gardens

  • Hiking and nature walks

  • Swimming at a pool or the beach - be careful you don’t come off as just trying to see your date in their bathers if it is early on in your dating history.

  • Surf catting

  • Yachting

  • Kayaking / Canoeing

  • Water skiing

  • Lawn bowls

  • Rollerblading

  • Tennis

  • Horse back riding - Note: this can turn out quite painful if not done correctly.

  • Skiing

  • Play in the snow

  • Camping

  • Charity walks/runs/bike rides - Good way to have fun and keep fit

  • Paintball/laser guns (there are some outside laser games these days)

  • Rock Climbing

  • Archery

  • Horse and carriage ride through town

  • Watch a sporting event

  • Outdoor Movies

Inside Dating Ideas

  • Observatory - A night under the stars can be very romantic.

  • Video Games at the arcade

  • Attend a Play / Ballet / Theater

  • Museum

  • Art Gallery

  • Winery

  • Movies - At a theater or a drive in for that touch of sentimentality. Snuggle up at home with a DVD.

Other Dating Ideas

  • Plan a weekend out of the city - or in the city depending on where home is.

  • Romantic Drive

  • Watch Christmas Lights

  • Helipcopter / Plane ride

  • Work on your fitness together

Other places for dating ideas:

  • Check out your newspapers, freezines and search for local internet sites that list events that might be coming to your area.

  • Become a tourists - get a guide book for your city for interesting ideas.