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Dating Advice - Don't Neglect Your Friends

When caught up in a relationship, some people forget about other people in their life. Try to make sure this doesn’t happen to you. In the exciting initial stages of a relationship, this is most likely to happen, but try not to let it drag on too long.

Has it Happened to You?

Have you been on the other side, when your friend has found someone new and no longer seems to have time for you anymore? Think about how it made you feel and then try take that into consideration so they don’t feel unwanted.

Plan Catch-Ups With Friends

Make sure you see your friends and let your partner see hers. Sometimes a little time apart can make you appreciate each other even more.

Catching up with joint friends can be great too. Don’t forget about your single friends too!

Spending too much time being with or doing one thing can be unhealthy. Keep a bit of variety in your life to keep your horizons expanded.

Be wary of a partner that tries to stop you from seeing your friends.


Remember that your good friends will be there to give you helpful advice, for good times or bad.

If a friend doesn’t like your new partner, take it under advisement with a level head. They could be jealous, but they may have some good points and be looking out for your best interests.

Lasting Friendships

Your friends are also going to be the people you turn to if your relationship breaks down. Your friends are often in your life longer than many relationships will be.

Friends may have been around in your life for a long time. Don’t neglect them and let it get awkward to the point where it feels strange to contact them. If you ignore you friends, you may find they are not there when you need them.