Dating Body Language - The Language Of Love

Sometimes your body tells more things about you than what you are saying.

Dating tends to make people pretty nervous and is where body language comes to the fore. The trick during a date is to make your body ooze confidence and not outright terror.

The sexiest people know how to use all their body parts to ooze appeal. Some of these people have grown into it natural, being confident since they were young. If this is not you, then working on your confidence can help you a lot to become more attractive to the opposite sex.

Watch movie stars, models and other people you find sexy and note what they do. Look for things like shoulders laid back, how to stand while waiting for someone etc.

You may already know self concious things that you do when nervous. Your aim is to try and eliminate these. Things like clenching your hands together scream a show of nerves.

As with most things in this dating game, practice will help you gain control of your nerves. The more dates you go on, the less likely you are to be shaking in your boots.