Dating Conversation Starters And Tips - Part 1

Have you ever been on a date, or just met someone and been totally stuck for a subject to talk about. It helps to have some backup plans in place, some tried and true subjects that you can fall back on if you are struggling for a conversation. Here is a list of dating conversation starters.

Talking about the other person is generally a good idea. Discussing yourself and how awesome you are all the time might mean you end up talking to yourself. Here are some dating conversation topics to avoid early on.

Try remember the answers they give about topics you discuss. If things develop further you might be able earn bonus points by remembering and or using things they like to surprise them.

Remember that they will often ask you the same question.

Current News Events

Having an idea of what is going on in the world makes you seem up to date and can provide a wealth of topics to discuss and find more out about each other.

Weekends Or Public Holidays

Asking about what someone did on the weekends or public holidays gives you an insight into what they like to do with their spare time.


This also gives you an idea if they are likely to run off somewhere ;)

Hobbies, Sports

People generally like talking about themselves and especially their interests.

Food, Restaurants And Drinks

Be careful discussing alcohol. You might come across as an alcoholic. Depending on who you are talking to, this may be a turn off.

Music And Arts

Most people like listening to music. You may be able to reach some common ground here. Perhaps they play and instrument or have some artistic streak.

Compliment Or Ask About Clothing

Note that this one can get you into trouble with women if not handled properly ;)

Ask About Surroundings

If you are at their house, then perhaps there is an object that interests you. If you are out and about, you might see something that makes a good conversation piece.


Finding out what someone does for a living can be good. Talking about your work all night with a colleague may grow thin... especially if non work related people are present.


This is one where talking about your own pet might be a very good idea.

Being Nervous

This might already be obvious to your date, but it can also be a way to break the tension. Maybe they are nervous too.


Guys with motorbikes often claim that this is a gold mine for getting girls interested in coming for a ride.

Where Were You Born, Go To School

Star Sign

Generally women seem to be more interested in asking this one.

What Did You Do Today

Childhood Memories