Dating Conversation Starters And Tips - Part 2

More dating coverstation starter tips, see Part 1

  • Compliment Or Ask About Clothing

Note that this one can get you into trouble with women if not handled properly ;)

  • Ask About Surroundings

If you are at their house, then perhaps there is an object that interests you. If you are out and about, you might see something that makes a good conversation piece.

  • Work

Finding out what someone does for a living can be good. Talking about your work all night with a colleague may grow thin... especially if non work related people are present.

  • Pets

This is one where talking about your own pet might be a very good idea.

  • Motorbikes

Guys with motorbikes often claim that this is a gold mine for getting girls interested in coming for a ride.

  • Where Were You Born, Go To School

  • Star Sign

Generally women seem to be more interested in asking this one.

  • What Did You Do Today

  • Childhood Memories