Dating Desperation - An Unattractive Quality

Desperation is an unattractive quality. Sucking up to someone can almost be as big a turn-off as sitting there drooling at them. There is a difference between chivalry and desperation.

Humans tend to have a problem where if something is easy, then they don't want it. This can happen with dating. Unfortunately we can get bored if it is all too easy and there is no thrill of the chase.

Being too desperate to meet someone can put people off... or lead them to thoughts of stalkers. When talking to people, don't try too hard. If the person is going to like you, they should be liking who you really are, so don't try to be someone else.

Anyway, who wants to be someones slave (outside of the bedroom ;)? Have your own feelings and know when to show them and when to keep quiet. This is particulary important if you don't know someone very well and are on your initial dates.