Dating - Use What You Have To Find A Date

Not everybody looking for a date looks like a supermodel, can flash that toothpaste commercial smile, or benchpress their own weight.

What Are Your Features?

The thing is that not everybody is after that either. Some people like older people, others like younger ones. Some people like a lack of hair, some people for reasons unknown even like moustaches ;)

We Like Different Things

Some people may find things attractive about you that you don't even like about yourself. Everyone is different and have their own likes and dislikes.

Evaluate what you have to offer and show whatever it is that you have. Some people even have great attributes, but don't know about them or even show them.

Improve Yourself

If you don't have the physical attributes that you want, perhaps you can even learn something to help you find that right person. Look at what you enjoy, or perhaps broaden your horizons and find some new things that you might not have tried before. Even if it doesn't help you get a date, you might find some new things that you enjoy and many people find a happy person attractive.