How To Get Out Of A Really Bad Date?

Have you ever been on one of those really bad dates where you would just about do anything to get out of there... but you don't want to seem rude? Here is an idea for escaping bad dates.

Be Honest

If you feel safe enough, perhaps explain that it is not working out for you. Be polite and wish them well and be on your way.

Excuse Me?

Supposedly, the creator of the now defunct,, came up with the idea during his own bad date. The idea being that you get a phone call from someone and then you can make some excuse. You could order this service from the internet or from your phone. There were some configuration options, like phone numbers and the voice that will be your partner in dating evasion.

I'm not sure where this falls in the karma ratings, but it might make some people feel better about getting away from that bad date. Some people will do something similar, by getting a friend to perform this excuse service for them.

Phone A Friend

Some people like to have a real friend close by that they can call or message to bail them out of a bad date.

I Don't Feel So Good

Another option is to tell your date that you are not feeling very well. A popular excuse is stomach problems.

Plan A Short First Date

Remember though, first dates should always be pretty short. This means if things are not going great, there is already an expectation that the date will not be too long. Go in with a planned exit strategy.

I've Got To Get Up Early

Come up with some excuse, like work, or something you have planned that forces you to leave early.

Follow Up

The problem with these ideas is that the person may try follow up later on. But if the date is going really badly, perhaps you do not care and just need to get out of there!

You might prefer to let them down later over the phone, or send a message. Just remember, you might bump into them again, so you might want to let them down gently.

Look On The Bright Side

All might not be lost during a bad date. Perhaps you get a fun story to share with your friends.

Also make sure you give the person a good chance before bailing on them. Perhaps they are nervous and haven't made their best impression on you. Perhaps with a bit more of a chance they might grow on you.