Learn To Dance For A Date

Do you sit back with a drink in your hand and watch the others strut their funky stuff?

Get Noticed

Perhaps it is time you got out there and showed some moves of your own. Dancing can be a great way to get the opposite sex noticing you. The trick is to have them noticing you for the right reasons.

Dancing doesn't have to be sexy to score you points. Some people can score big points with their enthusiasm or their comedy dancing.

Practice Dancing

If you are not confident about your dancing, perhaps practice at home with some of your favourite music. Some people will feel more confident on a crowded dance floor. If you are sitting there with your tasty beverage just watching, look at what others are doing and perhaps practice it yourself.

Dancing School

Dancing schools seem to be pretty popular of late too. You may even meet a prospective date at dancing lessons! The men can sometimes outnumber the women. Find a style and school that suites you and get down their with your dancing shoes on.

Sometimes there are free lessons, so getting started does not even have to cost you any money to see if you like it.


Learning to dance can be a great way to increase your confidence with the opposite sex. When you are dancing, there are no expectations and you can be switching partners. If you are shy, you may find it less daunting, but be able to improve your confidence by dancing. You may find it easier to ask for a dance than a date and your confidence can grow.