How To Get Out Of A Really Bad Date?

Have you ever been on one of those really bad dates where you would just about do anything to get out of there... but you don't want to seem rude? Here is an idea for escaping bad dates.

Be Honest

If you feel safe enough, perhaps explain that it is not working out for you. Be polite and wish them well and be on your way.

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First Date Guide

So you want to know about that first date? How it should play out can depend on how you met.

Coffee Is A Good Option

If you have met online, or this is an arranged blind date, we suggest a coffee at a local cafe is a good starting point for an introductory date. And guys, be sure to let the girls choose a spot, she will feel much more comfortable and secure being in control of the location. This can only be a good thing, right?!

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Know What You Are Doing In The Bedroom

If you are dating someone and it gets to the bedroom, it pays to know some tricks.


There is plenty of sex advice freely available on the internet. Look around and see if there are some sex tips that you don't already know.

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Dating Desperation - An Unattractive Quality

Desperation is an unattractive quality. Sucking up to someone can almost be as big a turn-off as sitting there drooling at them. There is a difference between chivalry and waiting on someones every step.

But I am Desperate!

You might be feeling desperate after a long period of not meeting the right one. This is pretty natural, but we don't want our dates to be picking up this vibe.

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Dating - Use What You Have To Find A Date

Not everybody looking for a date looks like a supermodel, can flash that toothpaste commercial smile, or benchpress their own weight.

What Are Your Features?

The thing is that not everybody is after that either. Some people like older people, others like younger ones. Some people like a lack of hair, some people for reasons unknown even like moustaches ;)

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Dating - What To Wear (Or Not Wear)

What to wear for your date is dependant on where you are going and your own personal style.


General advice is to put some effort into your choice of outfit, but don't go over the top. Try to find something that makes you feel confident and you can wear feeling proud.

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Dating Props: Get Noticed by your Date

One good way to encourage conversation whilst on a date is to have some props. If you have an interested watch, piece of jewellery etc, your date is likely to ask you about it. Note: whilst the prop should be different, it should still be tasteful. If you are unsure, perhaps get some advice from friends or relatives about what they think of your dating prop.

Prop Story

It is even better if there is a story to go with the dating prop. If your date brings it up, you will be able to tell a story about how interesting you are, without bringing up the topic yourself. Another good reason to go on a holiday.

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Dating Conversation Topics Not To Ask About Early On

When you are first getting to know someone, risky topics are PAST RELATIONSHIPS, religion, politics (they might fall asleep ;) and sex.

These topics can lead to the wrong kind of heated discussions and are sometimes best to avoid, depending on how well things are going. It can be good to have a light and cheery conversation on the first date and get into the dangerous topics on a future meeting when you know each other better.

Too Late

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Dating Body Language - The Language Of Love

Sometimes your body tells more things about you than what you are saying.

Dating tends to make people pretty nervous and is where body language comes to the fore. The trick during a date is to make your body ooze confidence and not outright terror.

The sexiest people know how to use all their body parts to ooze appeal. Some of these people have grown into it natural, being confident since they were young. If this is not you, then working on your confidence can help you a lot to become more attractive to the opposite sex.

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