What Is Speed Dating - Overview

Speed Dating has recently become pretty popular.

Speed Dating is organised by a company for people looking to find someone to date. A group of people looking to meet others will sit around and talk to a partner for a short time before switching around and meeting all the people in the group.

After meeting each person, you will fill out a form noting whether you would like to get to know that person outside of this speed date. At the end of the speed dating experience, you will be given a list of people that would like to meet up with you.

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Dating Advice - Don't Neglect Your Friends

When caught up in a relationship, some people forget about other people in their life. Try to make sure this doesn't happen to you. In the exciting initial stages of a relationship, this is most likely to happen, but try not to let it drag on too long.

Make sure you see your friends and let your partner see hers. Sometimes a little time apart can make you appreciate each other even more.

Your friends are also going to be the people you turn to if your relationship breaks down. Your friends are often in your life longer than many relationships will be. If you ignore you friends, you may find they are not there when you need them.

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Know What You Are Doing In The Bedroom

If you are dating someone and it gets to the bedroom, it pays to know some tricks.

There is plenty of sex advice freely available on the internet. Look around and see if there are some sex tips that you don't already know.

Other good sources of sexual tips are both male and female magazines. Both sexes can read both types to get some a perspective from both sides.

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Learn To Dance For A Date

Do you sit back with a drink in your hand and watch the others strut their funky stuff?

Perhaps it is time you got out their and showed some moves of your own. Dancing can be a great way to get the opposite sex noticing you. The trick is to have them noticing you for the right reasons.

Dancing doesn't have to be sexy to score you points. Some people can score big points with their enthusiasm or their comedy dancing.

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New Places For Date - Perhaps a Holiday?

Sick of doing the same things over and over, seeing the same people?

Perhaps it is time to try out some new venues, try some new hobbies or perhaps even go on a holiday.

A holiday can be a great way to get some confidence in yourself. Foreigners may find you alluring or exotic.

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Dating Conversation - Knowing When To Talk And When To Shut Up

Part of any good relationship is knowing when to talk and when not to. This is relevant to a good conversation too.

Make sure when trying to get a date, talk to someone that you are aware of the conversation and how the other person fits in.

A good conversation should not be one sided. Don't always talk about yourself as the other person may get bored. If they are not openly trying to add things to the conversation they may be a bit shy or not know much about what you are talking about.

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When Saying Hello Isn't Enough For A Date

One of the best "pickup" lines is saying, "Hello". Generally if the person is interested in you, then this will allow a conversation to start and the rest to follow.

Other times, you may have to be more persuasive. Not, this should not be anything sinister. If a person shows an obvious distaste for you, it is best to move on.

If the person is just bored and flicking people off whilst barely looking, perhaps there is a chance. She may already have a partner, not be in the mood or whatever. Depending on the reason, you may be able to turn her around or shake her out of it with a witty comment or whatever.

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You've Got Them - Don't Lose Them Being A Jerk

Are you dating a hot member of the other sex and can't believe your luck? If you are looking at these pages of wisdom, perhaps not, but remember this one once you take the advice and are with that supermodel ;)

If you dating someone who is always being hit on, it can be very hard not to get jealous. Very, very hard. Whilst you may not be able to stop yourself getting angry because they are getting looks, phone numbers or whatever it happens to be... make sure not to take it out on your partner.

They are probabaly used to it anyway and not everyone likes getting fawned over either. Remember, it is (probably ;) not their fault that these people are infatuated with them. Your partner chose you, so try not to make them wish they didn't by acting like a jerk and giving them trouble for something they didn't initiate. Take that jealousy and try to remember that you are the lucky one who has them and they don't.

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Dating Desperation - An Unattractive Quality

Desperation is an unattractive quality. Sucking up to someone can almost be as big a turn-off as sitting there drooling at them. There is a difference between chivalry and desperation.

Humans tend to have a problem where if something is easy, then they don't want it. This can happen with dating. Unfortunately we can get bored if it is all too easy and there is no thrill of the chase.

Being too desperate to meet someone can put people off... or lead them to thoughts of stalkers. When talking to people, don't try too hard. If the person is going to like you, they should be liking who you really are, so don't try to be someone else.

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