Dating - Use What You Have To Find A Date

Not everybody looking for a date looks like a supermodel, can flash that toothpaste commercial smile or benchpress their own weight.

The thing is that not everybody is after that either. Some people like older people, others like younger ones. Some people like a lack of hair, some people for reasons unknown even like moustaches ;)

Some people may find things attractive about you that you don't even like about yourself. Everyone is different and have their own likes and dislikes.

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Dating Confidence - Don't Be Afraid To Date

Dating is a very scary idea to many people for a variety of different reasons. Some people are may be scared of date because they have not been on one for a long time (marriage break up, long time partner, too busy doing other things), others because they just never gained that dating confidence everyone would like to have.

As with many things, the best way to get confident is to practice. Getting a few dates under your belt is a great way to get your dating confidence going. It doesn't matter if you mess up a few dates, the idea is to go on some dates and with practice, you gain confidence. Being rejected is not such a big thing. You get over it and move on. The hard part is getting over being dumped after you fall in love with someone and fail to fall out of love at the appropriate time (but you never get the big prize unless you are in the draw!).

Dating agencies are becoming very common in our fast paced worlds. Speed dating is also another newer trend that is becoming popular. Don't be afraid to get out their and meet some new people, the dating scene is changing with our society where often work and a hectic life can make finding a date difficult. Finding people at tradional places like pubs and nightclubs is not for everyone and you are more likely to find someone that meets your interests if matched up beforehand.

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Dating - What To Wear (Or Not Wear)

What to wear for your date is obviously dependant on where you are going.

General advice is to put some effort into your choice of outfit, but don't go over the top.


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Best Way To Get A Date

The best way to get a date is to ask for one.

Sure, there ways to make your success rate higher, but consider that the more times you get the courage up and ask someone out on a date, the more likely you are to get one.

Obviously you should not be hitting on everything in sight, but if you see someone that you like go up and say hello. See if you can talk to them for a while and if you are getting along, tell them you enjoyed the conversation and would that you would enjoy their company again. You don't necessarily have to set a time and place right then. If you get a phone number, you can set up a date at some later point.

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Valentine's Day - For Love's Sake, Don't Forget It!

Valentine's Days specific origins are not known, but what is known is that you are in big trouble if you forget that the 14th of February is Valentine's Day and you have a special partner!

Make sure you mark Saint Valentine's special day in your calendar, personal organiser etc, or you could be up for a lot of begging and grovelling to gain back the favour of your loved one.

As with most special days, commercialism has taken over and Valentine's Day is a huge money spinner for florists and other love related shops. Remember though, that a little thought can often go a lot further than a spending lots of money. Spending a lot of money on your partner has been known to work though ;)

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SMS, Mobile Phones, Technology and Dating - How Do They Fit Together?

Today's world is ever changing. SMS (text messaging on mobile phones) and other technologies are changing how we interact with one another. How should tools like SMS fit into your dating toolkit?

I feel that using SMS early on in a relationship (like asking for a first date) is not really the strongest option. Whilst you may succeed, and in some cases your opposite number may also be relieved, they are likely to see using SMS as a sign of weakness.

Whilst somewhat daunting to many, the best option is to try ask for a date in person. If you must use the phone, talking on it is the better option than using SMS.

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Dating Props: Get Noticed by your Date

One good way to encourage conversation whilst on a date is to have some props. If you have an interested watch, piece of jewelry etc, your date is likely to ask you about it. Note: whilst the prop should be different, it should still be tasteful. If you are unsure, perhaps get some advice from friends or relatives about what they think of your dating prop.

You can also use the idea of dating props in your house. If you have some interesting props placed around your house, this should also generate conversation pieces.

It is even better if there is a story to go with the dating prop. If you found that african face mask whilst trekking around the african countryside... all the better. If your date brings it up, you will be able to tell a story about how interesting you are, without bringing up the topic yourself. Another good reason to go on a holiday.

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Date Ideas

Here are some dating ideas to get you started.


  • Coffee at a cafe - Great for first dates

  • Breakfast at a diner

  • Lunch

  • Dinner - Be it romantic, cooking together or something a bit crazier involving chocolate or your other favorite desert. Fondue?

  • Getting ice cream together

  • Picnic

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Freebies Dating Tips: Easy, Totally Free Dating Advice

Freebies Dating is dedicated to the art of dating.

Contained within are our hot dating tips and free advice for singles. Our intuitive articles will guide your love life and help find that perfect partner you have been looking for. Making that connection with your pefect match will come easy with these useful hints.

Unleash your personality and gain confidence with the opposite sex. Learn from our top advice how to get your love life heading in the right direction today.

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