SMS, Mobile Phones, Technology and Dating - How Do They Fit Together?

Today's world is ever changing. SMS (text messaging on mobile phones) and other technologies are changing how we interact with one another. How should tools like SMS fit into your dating toolkit?

I feel that using SMS early on in a relationship (like asking for a first date) is not really the strongest option. Whilst you may succeed, and in some cases your opposite number may also be relieved, they are likely to see using SMS as a sign of weakness.

Whilst somewhat daunting to many, the best option is to try ask for a date in person. If you must use the phone, talking on it is the better option than using SMS.

If you find talking to the opposite sex difficult, then you probably haven't been practicing. The best way to get over this is to keep trying. Dating is a numbers game. The more times you try, the more likely you are to succeed. It is also a subject that you need to learn by trial and error, no matter how much reading you do.

If you are rejected, that is fine. Come up with your own cliche along the lines of, "You can't win them all", see if you can find some amusement in the situation and take it as a learning exercise. Most importantly, don't dwell too much on the negatives. The moment has passed and you get on with it.

Whilst it may seem like your heart is going to come exploding out of your chest the first time you ask someone out, or maybe even a few more times after the first time, just gather your courage and walk up to the person in question. Chances are your heart will recover and it might benefit from the exercise ;).

If you are nervous about your conversation techniques, try practice chatting online. A lot of people find this less stressful and it helps give you confidence. So in conclusion, SMS and online chat can help you, but your greatest weapon is confidence and confidence is best shown by getting in there face to face.