Tips On How To Write A Successful Online Dating Profile

Writing online dating profiles is apparently a rare art. Here are some tips to help you make a successful online dating profile.

  • Pictures Are Worth A 1000 Words

If you don't have a picture in your dating profile, chances are you are going to be ignored. Spend some time trying to find a nice picture of yourself. If you ever want to meet someone from your online dating experience, it should actually be a real picture of you. The photo should look realistic. There are so many fake profiles out there, that people may skip over yours if they don't believe the photo is actually you.

  • Write Something Resembling English

Looking at the online profiles of many dating sites is enough to make you wonder what went wrong with the world's schooling. Unless you want to look like a 10 year old, try to using the rules of the language. If you can't spell, use a spell checker. WrItInG LiKe ThIs Is NoT CoOl, BuT MaYbe ThAT iS jUsT Me. LOL. Neither iz riting lik this.LolZ.

  • Your Title Needs To Grab Attention

Along with your photo, the title is normally the other thing people see before deciding to click on your profile. Something humourous and unique is a good idea here. It is worth spending some extra time thinking of something good for your title.

  • Write Something Catchy And Interesting

Boring need not apply. Writing that you like to have fun, hang out with friends and many other lame totally obvious things shows your lack of creativity and puts your profile with 90% of the other profiles. Most sane people like to have fun... be more specific and let people know what things you enjoy doing and perhaps the kind of places you enjoy going to. A dating profile is like a CV, if you don't catch them from the start, your profile is likely to be discared to the recycle bin very quickly.

  • Be Positive And Don't Bring Yourself Down

A dating profile should show your best side. Don't write about things that are negative and put yourself down.

  • Be Honest

Your dating profile should somewhat resemble reality. There is no point sucking someone into falling in love with some figment of your imagination if you are looking for someone to love the real you.

  • Review Your Profile

After your first draft, perhaps wait a while and come back and read it again. Subconcious thought can often come up with great ideas. When you come back and read your dating profile again in a different light, you may find some improvements... or that what you wrote sounds horrible on second inspection.