You've Got Them - Don't Lose Them Being A Jerk

Are you dating a hot member of the other sex and can't believe your luck? If you are looking at these pages of wisdom, perhaps not, but remember this one once you take the advice and are with that supermodel ;)

If you dating someone who is always being hit on, it can be very hard not to get jealous. Very, very hard. Whilst you may not be able to stop yourself getting angry because they are getting looks, phone numbers or whatever it happens to be... make sure not to take it out on your partner.

They are probably used to it anyway and not everyone likes getting fawned over either. Remember, it is (probably ;) not their fault that these people are infatuated with them. Your partner chose you, so try not to make them wish they didn't by acting like a jerk and giving them trouble for something they didn't initiate. Take that jealousy and try to remember that you are the lucky one who has them and they don't.